October Offer – Thread Vein Removal

October Offer Thread Vein RemovalTo welcome a brand new treatment to The Goldsmith Clinic – Microsclerotherapy – we’re offering the treatment at an introductory price of just £180 per half hour instead of £230.

Microsclerotherapy works by injecting a solution into the network of problem spider veins (thread veins) through a very fine needle. The medicine used causes the veins to collapse and once they are closed they’re re-absorbed by the body in just a few weeks without a trace. As always, a consultation will be required prior to treatment to establish the desired results and estimate how many sessions will be required. The treatment will be carried out by our in-house medical nurse who boasts over 20 years’ experience, a Post Graduate Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine and an in-depth knowledge of the complex vascular structures throughout the body.

The offer will end 31 October 218 so get in touch now to benefit from the £50 discount!

To learn more about Thread Vein Removal, visit our Microsclerotherapy treatment page or get in touch with Theresa on 07896 485429.