Thread Vein Treatment (Microsclerotherapy)

Have you ever noticed that you have coloured clusters of either red or purple veins on your lower body? Thread veins, also known as ‘spider veins’ can be a tell-tale sign of ageing and can look unsightly. The use of a sclerosing drug when skilfully injected into the problem veins by a fully qualified practitioner, like Theresa, stops blood flowing through the troubled vein, which is then reabsorbed by the body over a period of time.


Thread VeinsTreatment Description

The treatment for thread veins is mostly painless and extremely effective. It involves the injection of sclerosing medicine into the network of veins that have become visible under the skin. The injection causes the veins to collapse and the blood to stop flowing. Once the vein wall has collapsed and there is no longer blood flowing through the vein, the body reabsorbs it and it becomes invisible. Given the nature of this procedure, bruising can be expected surrounding the treatment area. In order to ensure success of the procedure, compression stockings need to be worn for at least three days following treatment in order to keep pressure on the newly collapsed veins. The number of treatments required to completely remove the appearance of thread veins will vary from patient to patient as everybody will respond to the treatment differently. Microsclerotherapy is the treatment of choice to remove thread veins quickly and effectively from the skin without the need to use an expensive and painful laser. The treatment will always be carried out by our in-house specialist, Theresa, who has over 20 years’ experience as a qualified nurse, an in-depth knowledge of the body’s vascular structure as well as a number of aesthetic medicine accreditations to her name.

Treatment Time: Varies per patient, however a large area can be covered in a half hour session. Speak to Theresa to book your free consultation in order determine the number of sessions that will be required.

Results: The results will appear immediately visible however the areas which have been treated will begin to appear bruised shortly after treatment. The duration of bruising varies from person to person but long-term results can be observed after an average of one month.

Downtime: There is no real downtime associated with this procedure however it is necessary to keep treated areas compressed using compression stockings and out of the sun. Theresa will inform you of all aftercare and provide you with a take-home guide.