Worrying Rise Of Plastic Surgery Apps

Plastic Surgery Apps for Children

There’s a worrying rise in plastic surgery mobile games, such as Beauty Clinic, Plastic Surgery Simulator and Girls Plastic Surgery, targeted at children. Some of these apps, like Digital Liposuction, are targeted at children aged as young as nine years old, causing them to become conscious and critical of their appearance. The main objective of these games is to carry out invasive cosmetic procedures on cartoon-like figures to make them more ‘beautiful’. One of the games, Plastic Surgery Simulator, gets players to perform double-eyelid surgery – a procedure some Asian women have done to alter their eyelid to look more Caucasian.

These apps risk normalising extreme cosmetic procedures such as invasive facelifts, liposuction and rhinoplasty (nose jobs). It is my firm belief that any cosmetic procedure, whether invasive or otherwise, should only be carried out by medically trained and qualified practitioners who have the critical knowledge of the body’s complex system of blood vessels.

My Job as a Nurse

As a qualified nurse practitioner my foremost duty is to care for people; that’s why I practice a holistic approach to aesthetics. I want to help people become more comfortable, confident and happier versions of themselves – not radically change someone’s appearance.

Aesthetics is all about feeling more confident in your own skin. Subtlety is the key to a successful aesthetic enhancement and a full facial assessment is the basis of this. For example, you may feel that wrinkle relation injections around the eyes are what you need, but once I assess your entire face, then it may reveal that subtle cheek enhancement with fillers will deliver a better, balanced result. It is important to realise what truly makes a face beautiful – it’s not perfect mirror image proportions – it’s balance.

In the aesthetics industry, we rely on a mathematical ratio know as the golden ratio or golden phi (derived from the Greek sculptor and mathematician, Phidias, who used the ratio to design his sculptures). Plastic surgery apps ignore proportions such as these and normalise unnatural looks, encouraging people to seek the look and ultimately being unhappy or ‘less attractive’ than before. Lips are a perfect example of how we use the golden phi to maintain a natural appearance – the ideal ratio of the upper to lower lip is 1:1.6, making the lower lip slightly more voluminous which is key to achieving the perfect pout. Failure to observe this ratio results in what we in the industry refer to as ‘sausage lips’. Qualified and trained aesthetics practitioners like myself, use the golden ratio to mark out the ideal proportions of your face – allowing us to preserve a natural appearance while making you mathematically more beautiful. The preservation of natural beauty and remaining within these ratios is what allows us to deliver natural-looking enhancements which work with your entire face.

My Clinic

Prior to every treatment at the The Goldsmith Clinic in Chesterfield, I will always undertake a full assessment and discuss and agree options with you. That’s a key part to any patient’s treatment journey – you should feel involved and completely happy with the plan.

Visit our treatment page to discover more of the ways we can help you love your face and body with natural enhancements or call today to book your face-to-face consultation with Theresa on 01246 277750.

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