Why My Nurses Code Is Important to Me

As a qualified nurse with more than 20 years’ experience, I am committed to offering my clients the highest quality aesthetic assessment and treatment – it’s ingrained in me and extends throughout my professional and personal life.

The code tells patients that they should expect that ‘Your nurse or midwife is kind and respectful, putting care and safety first. They help and encourage you to take part in decisions about your care.’ And I believe everyone who has aesthetic treatments should receive this level and commitment to care. If they did, then I am convinced we would see a dramatic drop in the number of ‘botched’ procedures.

As part of my commitment to the code, I choose to undertake ongoing aesthetic training, and only with the very best in the industry.

My most recent training has been a ‘distinction masterclass’ with Mauricio DeMaio, a world renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon.

I do love the opportunity to get away and do these training courses. It’s not only an opportunity for me to find out what’s new and study different techniques, but also meet with like-minded professionals like myself and have a good old catch up.

During my training this week, we were all talking about the practice of aesthetics by non medically qualified people. We’ve seen too many horror stories in the press recently where things have gone horribly wrong. I personally have treated patients who have turned to me when their original aesthetician is unable to correct a poor procedure or prescribe drugs for an infection. It’s both painful, distressing and expensive for people where this happens.

Aesthetics shouldn’t be about who is the cheapest or most convenient. Can you put a price on your mental and physical health?

I love my motorcycle enthusiast husband Simon’s reasoning –‘If you have a £10 head, buy a £10 helmet.’ The same applies to aesthetics.

It was reinforced by Mauricio that high-quality aesthetics can only be performed by medically trained aesthetic practitioners.

Mauricio continually emphasises that any aesthetic treatment should only be performed following a skilled assessment by a medical practitioner. After this, a treatment plan should be devised based on you as an individual, treating your own specific signs of ageing. This approach is not about removing every line and shadow, but ‘refreshing’ your face and helping you to feel confident about the way you look.

Nurses, doctors and dentists are all answerable to their respective registered bodies (myself included) and will be investigated by them if found to stray from our professional codes of conduct.

On the other hand, non-medical injectors do not have any governing bodies and if any malpractice takes place, they are free to continue practising with no regulatory body to investigate. And I know this is happening right here in Chesterfield.

When I established The Goldsmith Clinic, one of my key aims was for clients to never feel part of a production line. Aesthetic procedures require time and attention to get the best outcome and at TAG, you will always feel like the important individual you are.

My training and experience using Dr Mauricio deMaios MD codes can help to address the most common signs of ageing. I always aim to develop an understanding and relationship with my clients when devising treatment plans and strongly believe this approach helps to achieve a successful aesthetic outcome.

If you are interested in aesthetic treatment with Theresa, please call 01246 277750 or email us here to arrange a consultation.

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