Em B

I originally went to the clinic for a Botox consultation, however after a very friendly chat and Theresa looking at my skin, she used her extensive knowledge to decide that Obagi skin care would help with my areas of concern and also help with some adult acne. After spending years of trying lots of different, high end skin care brands to help with my fine lines and spots I was excited too try something that Theresa was so passionate about and was convinced was going to work. After using the products recommended I noticed a huge difference after a few days. It has now been 3 months and my skin is far calmer, breakouts clear up so much quicker and the texture of my skin has improved greatly. I wish I had found The Goldsmith Clinic years ago, they are a fabulous team with your best interests at the heart of what they do.

The Art of Natural Movement and Enhanced Skin Health – Reimagining Youthful Skin

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The Goldsmith Clinic invests in life-saving equipment

The Goldsmith Clinic, located at 5 Lordsmill Street in Chesterfield town centre, has invested...

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