Second Menopause Retreat at The Goldsmith Clinic

The Goldsmith Clinic and Lucy Shakespeare Personal Training is very excited to share the details for Chesterfield’s second Menopause Retreat, taking place Sunday 8th March. Set in the new, purpose built Aesthetics and Wellbeing clinic, this interactive bespoke event will feature six professionals delivering educational sessions, offering information and advice on all things menopause related.

Whether you’re dealing with the symptoms of menopause already, experiencing perimenopause or would like to be prepared for the future, this day of self-care and wellness alongside like-minded women can help.

On the day, we’ll be getting expert advice from:

Dr. Amanda Smith – British Menopause Society-recognised menopause specialist

Kathryn Edwards – Reflexologist and therapist

Joy Gregory – Style and confidence coach

Amy Pollard – Mature skin beauty specialist

Lucy Shakespeare – Fitness expert and sports therapist

Theresa Goldsmith – Registered Nurse Practitioner and anti-ageing specialist

Second Menopause retreat line-up

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