Morpheus8 and Me

What a year it’s been, but light is on the horizon! Judging by the many ‘pings’ coming from my inbox after Boris’ announcement on the 22nd, I am not the only person looking forward to accessing aesthetic treatments.

Like everyone, I have had to contend with all of the standard progressive signs of ageing which, being a nearly 53-year-old, include collagen loss, bone reabsorption and thinning of fat pads (these facial changes are responsible for making your face look aged). That is until I was introduced to  a revolutionary new treatment which will be bringing to The Goldsmith Clinic when we re-open.

My trusted friend and aesthetics practitioner Hannah Depledge of Eterno Aesthetics introduced me to  Morpheus8 fractional radio frequency. It’s a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation system that combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy for a non-surgical facelift.

Morpheus8 effectively delivers two treatments in one, triggering the body to produce both collagen and elastin, which means it’s also excellent for scarring, acne and pitted scars. Additionally, due to the  treatments ability to reach into the fatty layers it tightens those difficult to treat areas such as the jaw, the pouch of fat under the chin and the neck.

This amazing treatment can be used to treat the entire face including the under-eye, neck and jowls which were my main problem areas (notice I say ‘were’ and not ‘are’!).

The results, following three 25-minute treatments, are nothing short of amazing. My jowl area has lifted, the little pocket of fat beneath my chin is less, my neck looks like it used to and my under eye area is tighter. I now join a long list of celebrities – Judy Murray, Amanda Holden, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Attwood…the list goes on – who share my love for Morpheus8.

I was so impressed that I decided I had to have Morpheus8 at The Goldsmith Clinic.

From day one, I have strived for The Goldsmith Clinic to be at the forefront of the aesthetics industry, offering only the very best and most effective treatments. I believe Morpheus8 is the most effective non-invasive anti-ageing solution available and I am delighted and excited to now offer this treatment at 5 Lordsmill Street in Chesterfield.

I can’t wait for you to see all back in The Goldsmith Clinic and see the results of Morpheus8 for yourself. I know you will love them every bit as much as I do.

Morpheus8 Jowl treatment before and after

Here’s an example of a Jowl treatment before and after using Morpheus8

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