The Sky is the Limit – My Personal Journey

This month, I thought I’d share with you my personal journey and what led me to work in aesthetics, here goes…

I used to have a great secure job with a pension and long-term security, I worked with a great team of people, life was good. My life was comfortable and had routine, despite this, I started to feel there was something more out there.

The catalyst which led me to explore this further was the death of my father three years ago after a very long illness, this time was difficult for him and for our family, it’s hard to see someone you love diminish to a mere shadow of themselves. After my dad died, I asked the questions that I’m sure most people ask after the death of a loved one, ‘what is this all about?’  and ”why are we here?’ I came to the conclusion that whatever the answer to these questions, one thing is for sure, we are all born and we all die; the difference is what we do with the life in between.

After this enlightenment, I decided I was going to push the boundaries of my life and leave the security of my job. I think family, friends and colleagues thought I was slightly off kilter. I must admit, at times, well actually on many occasions, I myself wondered what I was doing! One thing I knew was that life is about change and is ever changing and I wanted to be at the front leading the change.