CarboxytherapyCarboxytherapy is a non-surgical, FDA approved cosmetic treatment, which involves the therapeutic use of Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) administered by injections. It is a leading skin rejuvenation treatment and is a safe, minimally invasive, clinically-proven method to rejuvenate, restore and recondition the skin and treat a number of cosmetic concerns, including wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, scarring, hair loss, under eye dark circles and rosacea. It has also been shown to have dramatic results on stubborn areas of fat.

Read Katie’s blog to learn more about the dramatic inch loss results that Carboxytherapy can deliver.


Treatment Description

Sometimes referred to as the ‘fizzy facelift’, Carboxytherapy is a procedure that uses micro injections of carbon dioxide just beneath the surface of the skin. This stimulates circulation and collagen production, which improves the appearance of skin. The treatment feels like a sharp sting. There is slight swelling initially following treatment, however this subsides quickly following each treatment. Over a course of cosmetic treatments (between five and ten), Carboxytherapy offers superb results for inch loss, skin texture and hair growth.

Treatment time: 45 minutes

Results: You should notice a difference after one treatment, but a course of between four and six is recommended with single top up treatments every two months to ensure long lasting results.

Downtime: Following treatment, there will be slight swelling initially but this will subside over the course of an hour.


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