What Our Clients Say


Theresa is a lovely professional lady. I had a very informative consultation followed by my treatment. Will definitely return.


Theresa put me at ease from the very moment we met, she was really professional and I felt she had my best interests at heart and advised me on what would give me the best results. I’m so pleased with the treatments I’ve had and would have no difficulty at all in recommending Theresa to my friends. Thank you.


I am 56 years of age and have been using iS clinical products for around 6 months. My skin is extremely dry with flaking and redness. Over the years I have used a vast amount of different skin care products with varying success.  iS clinical is different and I can honestly say that it is the best range I have ever used. My skin is smoother, brighter and more moisturised. I cannot recommend it enough.

Lucy Shakespeare

Five years after having a caesarean section, the scar from the operation has caused me pain and discomfort, particularly the tightness of it. As a personal trainer I am very active and found the lumps on the scar would rub on my clothing causing me soreness. I have tried many creams over the years to try and soften the scar but nothing has worked – until Carboxytherapy. After only three Carboxytherapy treatments with Theresa the tightness has eased considerably and the scar is smooth and lump free. In fact, the scar has practically disappeared. It’s just amazing. I cannot rate Carboxytherapy highly enough.”

Leah Simpson

I had lip fillers and I am very pleased with the result. They have left a lovely natural finish! I felt very comfortable throughout and was given amazing service!


I have been using Endo-Test Cream daily for about four weeks now and to be perfectly frank, I am thoroughly delighted and would highly recommend it to your male clients. I have noticed the following:


  • More energy and less tiredness
  • Better skin tone
  • Fat loss coupled with
  • Firmer muscles
  • And recently male colleagues unsolicited asking “what had I been doing?” as “I looked younger”

And it is not often men say that to each other, so praise indeed for Endo-Test, I hope this endorsement helps you help lots of other men too.

Cat Kilvington, Breakfast Show Presenter, Peak FM

I had some deep frown lines that I really wanted to get rid of. I wanted a natural look that still maintained some movement. I was really nervous about getting wrinkle relaxation injections, however Theresa completed a detailed assessment prior to my treatment which gave me complete confidence in the procedure. The actual treatment was given with expert precision in a calming and professional environment. Very quickly I noticed the results which are nothing short of fabulous. I now have no frown lines and a very natural look with movement which is just what I wanted. Several people have told me I’m looking fresh. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Theresa is fabulous.

Matilda Litler

I can’t recommend Theresa enough! It was my first time having lip fillers and she talked me through the whole process. It was clear she was very knowledgeable on the area and made me feel really comfortable through the process. I was a bit nervous at first just as it was new to me, but she was great, really patient and took you through step-by-step. She also checked on me a week or two after the process and was quick to reply if I had any questions. Will definitely use Theresa again when I’m due more filler!

Anna Melton

When I visited Theresa I was convinced wrinkle relaxation injections were the best treatment to get rid of a sunken look around my eyes. However, after a detailed consultation, Theresa recommended subtle dermal fillers in my cheeks instead. Wow – what a difference they have made, not only to my eye area but also my jaw line. Better still, they look completely natural.