Scarring is very common – most people have at least one scar on their body. However, there are some scars that can be particularly prominent and affect our self confidence. Be assured, however, that The Goldsmith Clinic offers a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that has proven highly effective in reducing the appearance of scars.

Read how Carboxytherapy has helped ease the tightness and the appearance of Lucy’s caesarean scar here.




By using micro injections of carbon dioxide beneath the surface of the skin, increased blood flow to the area is encouraged thus prompting the production of natural collagen. This cosmetic treatment is minimally-invasive, pain-free, and extremely convenient. After just a few treatments you will see your scars begin to fade away.


Following a discreet consultation with Theresa, she will advise the best course of Carboxytherapy treatment for your scarring. Get in touch today to arrange an appointment.