As we age, the cheeks can begin to look sunken or hollow, leaving you feeling older than your years. This loss of volume is a result of the slowing down of the body’s natural collagen production as we age.

Collagen is a naturally occurring chemical which promotes moist, full skin. As it depletes it  leads to a loss of definition and youthful elasticity, and may give the face a sunken and saggy look around the eye sockets, temples, cheeks, and jaw line. It may also lead to the appearance of fine lines and less vibrant skin tone.


Derma Fillers

Injectable Dermal Fillers:

Injectable dermal fillers can produce excellent results,  lifting, volumising and firming the mid-face and cheeks.

The injectable dermal fillers which The Goldsmith Clinic uses are made of hyaluronic acid – a natural substance found in your body. When this gel is injected, it acts like an inflated cushion to support facial structures and tissues that may have lost volume or elasticity due to normal ageing. It also hydrates the skin to keep it looking fresh and supple.


Following your discreet consultation, Theresa will determine the best and most suitable dermal filler for your specific needs. Get in touch today to book your appointment.