Treatment Areas

Whether it’s the lines on your forehand, crow’s feet, loss of volume or even scarring, we’re confident The Goldsmith Clinic’s treatments can help you look and feel better about yourself.

Reassuring you of the very best cosmetic treatment and care, all our treatments are carried out by Theresa Goldsmith, owner of The Goldsmith Clinic.

Anti-ageing specialist Theresa is a nurse practitioner and independent prescriber who is qualified to prescribe and perform the most effective anti-ageing, and beauty enhancing treatments.

Prior to any treatment commencing, you will undergo a full consultation with Theresa in discrete surroundings at The Goldsmith Clinic clinic in Chesterfield.

Whatever your beauty concern, we’re confident we can help. Have a look at some of the areas we can provide non surgical treatments for below.


Before and after: A forehead treat with wrinkle relaxation injections

Brow, Forehead and Temple

The forehead is susceptible to  “dynamic” wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements such as frowning and squinting. Find out more about the cosmetic treatments we offer for the brow, forehead and temple area of your face here.



One of the earliest age-related changes experienced by many people, is the loss of facial volume and a decrease in collagen production. Collagen begins to deplete in the 20s. Over time, this leads to a loss of definition and youthful elasticity, and may give the face a “sunken” look around the cheeks. Find out more about the cosmetic treatments we offer for cheeks here.



Tear Trough treatment

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet, also known as ‘laugh lines’ and ‘character lines’, are clusters of tiny wrinkles and fine lines that form around the outer corners of the eyes, and are a common sign of ageing. Find out more about the cosmetic treatments we offer to treat crow’s feet here.


Dark Circles

Dark circles are likely to become more noticeable and permanent with age as skin loses collagen, becoming thinner and more translucent. Find out more about the cosmetic treatments we offer to treat dark circles here.


Glabellar Lines

These vertical lines are the area of your brow directly between your eyebrows. They are more commonly know as ‘frown lines’ and can make you look older and stern.

Find out more about the cosmetic treatments we offer to treat glabellar lines here.


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Jaw Line and Chin

A sagging jaw line can give the appearance of a loose double chin or ‘turkey neck’. The effects of sun damage, age, and gravity all work to put some excess skin along the chin and jaw line. Find out more about the cosmetic treatments we offer to enhance a sagging jaw line and chin here.


Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines first tend to appear around the eyes and mouth in your thirties. They are caused by the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin plus years of exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Find out more about the cosmetic treatments we offer to treat lines and wrinkles here.