All treatments at The Goldsmith Clinic include a free consultation with Theresa, owner of the clinic and a prescribing nurse practitioner.

Please see below the prices of individual cosmetic treatments.



Treatment Area/Type Price
Wrinkle Relaxation Injections 1 area (e.g. crows feet) £160
2 areas (e.g. crows feet, frown lines) £200
3 areas (e.g. crows feet, frown lines, forehead) £260
Advanced botox such as bunny’s, downturned mouth £30 extra when purchased with other areas
Advanced Treatments Teeth grinding/ square jaw £250
Platysmal neck bands £360
Excessive sweating (underarms) £360
iPRF Skin rejuvenation with skin needling £320. Course of 3 £750
Teartrough £300
Hair rejuvenation with skin needling £320. Course of 3 £750
Collagen Stimulating Skin Boosters Profhilo (2ml) £250
Redemsity (3ml) £300
Skin Needling Any From £189
AQ Skin Solutions Growth Factor Serum with Dermastamp Any From £264
Chemical Peel Obagi Blue Radiance Peel £90. Course of 4 £320
The Perfect Peel £260
Carboxytherapy Any £90
Microsclerotherapy Thread vein reduction per 30 minute treatment £250
Intravenous Vitamin Infusion and Shots Hydroxocobalamin (1mg) B12 Shot £45
Glutathione IV Push £75
Modified Myers General Well-Being Infusion £199. Course of 6 £1125
Immuno Booster Infusion + B Complex £225. Course of 6 £1125
Fat Burner Plus Infusion £225. Course of 6 £1125
Skin Brightening Infusion £225. Course of 6 £1125
ATP Energizer Infusion £225. Course of 6 £1125
Amino Muscle Plus Infusion £225. Course of 6 £1125
Performance Booster Plus infusion £225. Course of 6 £1125
Advanced ATP + B Complex £225. Course of 6 £1125
Health Boost Plus £225. Course of 6 £1125
Skinade Any From £50
Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers Cheeks, Lip, Chin, etc From £180 for 0.5ml
Lip enhancement From £180
Tear troughs From £360
Chin and jawline From £600
Liquid Rhinoplasty From £400
Liquid Facelift using Dermal Fillers £792 for 3ml of dermal fillers


See the full details of The Goldsmith Packages available here, from £425.

For details of special offers, please visit the Special Offers page.


Appointment Reservation Fee

Due to a reduction in appointments available as a result of staggered appointment times and extra cleaning we have had to take the decision to introduce an appointment reservation fee. The fee applies to both new and existing patients and will work in the following way:

New patients
In order to secure an appointment, a £50 booking deposit will be taken at the time of booking. Your appointment will not be confirmed until this deposit has been made. The deposit can be redeemed against your treatment on the day or future treatments. If you miss the appointment or fail to give 48 hours’ notice of cancellation you will not be entitled to a refund.

Existing patients
In order to help maintain infection control within the clinic, full payment for treatment will be requested via a mobile payment or BACS payment ahead of your appointment. Again, non-attendance or failure to provide 48 hours’ notice of cancellation, will result in the deduction of the £50 reservation fee from the treatment amount being refunded.

We thank you for your understanding at this time.