Endo-Test (Hormone Stimulating Cream)

As men and women age their testosterone levels decrease, the effect of this can be low energy and vitality, poor sleep patterns, laying down of fat cells (the middle age spread), lethargy, low mood and decreased libido.

Endo-Test Hormone Stimulating Cream

Endo-Test is a new AQ Skin Solution peptide cream which naturally helps to stimulate your testosterone levels without the need for hormone replacement. It is simply applied daily to your inner arms. The benefits of this cream can help to naturally boost your testosterone levels helping you to feel revitalised and increase your ‘joie de vivre’.


Treatment Time: Treatment is simply the self-application of cream daily. Speak to Theresa to book your free consultation in order determine the your suitability for treatment.

Results: Endo-Test can help improve your mood, help reduce fat cells and increase muscle tissue, increase vitality and even improve your libido and fertility.

Downtime: There is no downtime associated with this treatment.