AQ Advanced Hair Complex+

The AQ Advanced Hair Complex+ is a specialist serum tailored to address hair thinning and pattern baldness in both males and females. Following a 5-week course of treatment, the AQ Advanced Hair Complex+ is proven to stimulate hair growth. It is applied in clinic using a DermaStamp. AQ Skin Solution’s Advanced Hair Complex+ owes its effectiveness to patented growth factor technology which, alongside other active ingredients and fruit oils, nourishes the stem cells lining the hair follicles which are crucial to the maintenance and production of hair.

AQ Advanced Hair Complex+

Treatment Description

The patented serum comprises honeysuckle flower extracts and Growth Factor technology which was originally formulated through regeneration therapy used to treat third-degree burns. The Growth Factor holds the potential to regenerate cells, reversing the ageing process and directly helping the body to repair itself. When used in conjunction with the DermaStamp it can reach the below the epidermis – regenerating the hair follicle. The in-clinic procedure is able to achieve enhanced results thanks to the integration of the DermaStamp. This allows the serum to be absorbed deeper into the skin. The DermaStamp also creates micro-wounds and boosts the body’s healing response. You must then leave hair unwashed for a minimum of eight hours (ideally overnight) to allow the serum to be fully absorbed and begin the regeneration process. The treatment is spread across five weeks, after a two-week break there will be a final assessment to determine if further treatment and maintenance is required. Depending on the degree of hair loss and how well the scalp has responded to treatment, a second course may be recommended or another treatment such as Carboxytherapy may be prescribed in order to boost results and further stimulate hair growth.

Treatment Time: The length of the induvial treatment times will differ depending on the size of the area that has to be treated.

Results: Progress will be determined following a two-week‘ break’ after the final treatment, after which it will be clear if your scalp has responded successfully to the treatment.

Downtime: During the DermaStamp application process you will experience mild discomfort. There is no downtime following application of the AQ Advanced Hair Complex+,  however, we advise hair is left unwashed for a minimum of eight hours after treatment and that you avoid styling products during this time.


The Aesthetic Industry Awards Winner 2016

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