Trained by the best in the aesthetics industry

Theresa is pleased to have completed the first module of the coveted Aesthetic Medicine Masters Degree at the prestigious Queen Mary University, London.

This has helped Theresa to build an even deeper understanding of one her favourite subjects – dermatology. Skin health is a huge part of aesthetics. She uses this knowledge every day in her aesthetic clinic to help clients to achieve and retain the very best results.

Theresa explained: “For me, healthy skin is as important as injectable treatment within aesthetic medicine. Some practitioners can overlook the very important area of skin in the consultation and can focus purely on treatments with dermal fillers or Botox™ injections. At The Goldsmith Clinic a holistic consultation involves a full facial assessment which addresses the signs of ageing at every level – whether this be the impact that bone structure, muscle or fat loss has on the face. And of course, the final crowning glory of this is the skin! If we treat all of the other areas and forget about skin rejuvenation we really can’t achieve the fresh look that skilful aesthetics can and should give.”

The next module Theresa will complete covers facial anatomy and includes treatments with dermal fillers and toxin injections. The module is led by some of the industry’s top aesthetic professionals and will help Theresa to build on her already excellent injecting techniques for facial rejuvenation.

This qualification, and the knowledge and training that come along with it, are increasingly important to Theresa in the world of aesthetics as the drive for better regulation of the industry rightly continues. Queen Mary University is internationally recognised, with an excellent reputation in the area of medical training.

For an in-depth and holistic facial assessment contact Theresa to arrange your appointment in the new year here.