IV Vitamin Therapy – Rested, Energised and Mentally Alert

When I first thought about undertaking training in Intravenous Vitamin Infusions, I did my research as I do with any new service I’m thinking of offering at The Goldsmith Clinic. I wanted to know ‘Does this really work?’ or, ‘Is it an A-lister fad with no real benefits?’ I must admit, the available reviews ranged from ‘I felt fantastic, bouncing with beans, it really has changed my life’ to ‘I couldn’t really tell any difference at all’.

As a Registered Nurse I have a vested interest in health and well-being. Much of my time as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in General Practice, where I still work two days a week, focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping people to develop both skills and an understanding of how to make the very best of themselves. I regularly see the effects of poor diet and inactivity and the impact this can have on the body, causing ill health.


The Training

With all of this in mind, I trundled with the husband and dogs for a training day in Essex, dogs and husband off to the beach and me spending the day at IntraVita Intravenous Vitamin Nutritional Therapy Training. The training was complex, I learnt about the different vitamins and amino acids, how these affect the body and more importantly the impact that deficiencies of these can have on your health.

One of my main takeaways from this training was that increasingly our fast food, processed diets are putting us at high risk of deficiencies which can contribute to our bodies not working efficiently, resulting in a feeling of general lethargy, insomnia and ultimately, these deficiencies can put us at risk of diseases.

During the afternoon, I had the opportunity to have a Meyers cocktail infusion, this is one of the treatments that is packed with the B vitamins, magnesium and calcium. I first had a small cannula placed in the vein in my arm which was then connected up to the drip which took about 40 minutes to run through. The procedure was painless, whilst the drip was running through I had chance to catch up with my emails. The only thing I noticed during the infusion was a strong vitamin taste at the back of my throat.

After the drip had finished I was disconnected and I can’t say that that I felt any different at all to be honest. On the drive back to Derbyshire I felt quite bright and alert to say I’d been awake since 5 am, was that the drip or the excitement of bringing a new service to The Goldsmith Clinic? It was hard to say. So, after our 500 mile round trip I went to bed and was hoping for something a little more concrete which I could attribute to the drip.



The next morning, I woke bright and breezy at 5.30 am. I felt completely refreshed after a luxurious deep sleep. 5.30 am on a Sunday was a bit of a surprise particularly after such a busy Saturday, I really did feel like I had slept enough and just wanted to get up and do my Sunday morning run.

My sleep pattern can be disturbed at times, but since the infusions I’m sleeping through, feeling refreshed but funnily enough, needing less than my usual eight hours of sleep.



My running feels more determined and stronger than usual. I usually dawdle around my route, but now my pace has improved (I’m never going to be a sprinter!), and I continue to feel energised post exercise.


Mentally alert

I am generally feeling more focused and motivated to get jobs done (which I’d been meaning to do for ages). I feel much clearer in my thoughts and my mood feels bright and cheery. Those little negative niggles that you can sometimes experience have been pushed firmly to the back of my mind.

I’ve now had my second infusion and this sense of wellness and energy continues. I can only take this at face value, I do feel good in myself, better than I’ve felt in ages. My experience and the way I feel since commencing this treatment is a very positive one. I know there are people who are sceptical about the benefits of intravenous vitamin infusions, all I would say to you is ‘come for a consultation and give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised!’


Theresa Goldsmith
RGN BA(hons) MSc Independent Prescriber PG Cert in Aesthetic Medicine


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