Meet Theresa

Meet TheresaTheresa Goldsmith is the owner of The Goldsmith Clinic. She is a registered nurse practitioner and takes a hands-on role in the clinic.

Here, in her own words, Theresa explains what prompted her to establish The Goldsmith Clinic in 2015 and the ethos behind the business today.

“….I used to have a great secure job with a pension and long-term security, I worked with a great team of people, life was good. My life was comfortable and had routine. Despite this, I started to feel there was something more ‘out there’. The catalyst which led me to explore this further was the death of my father 6 years ago after a very long illness, this time was difficult for him and for our family, it’s hard to see someone you love diminish to a mere shadow of themselves. After my dad had died, I asked the questions that I’m sure most people ask after the death of a loved one, ‘what is this all about?’ ‘why are we here?’. I came to the conclusion that whatever the answer to these questions, one thing is for sure, we are all born, we all die, the difference is what we do with the life in between. After this enlightenment, I decided I was going to push the boundaries of my life and leave the security of my job. Family, friends and colleagues probably thought I was slightly off kilter. I must admit, at times, well actually on many occasions, I myself wondered what I was doing! One thing I knew was that life is about change and is ever changing and I want to be at the front leading the change.



One day, my husband and I were driving to the coast to walk our dogs on the beach, we were listening to Radio 4 when Jo Malone, of the perfume empire was a guest on Desert Island Discs. Listening to her story and her achievements despite a massive amount of adversity only made me believe more that I could be a successful self- employed person and develop a successful business. Like Jo, I don’t have any formal business training or knowledge other than a strong desire to provide a service of excellence to my patients and clients. I have had a long career in the NHS and managed teams of people and budgets. I knew what hard work and juggling was, I managed to achieve a BA(Hons) and an MSc whilst bringing up a young family. Of course this was only achievable with the never ending support of my husband.

Throughout my nursing career I always strive to push the boundaries whether it was achieving the role of Advanced Nurse Practitioner which is a role that was inconceivable when I first started my nurse training in 1991, or developing a ‘Virtual Ward’ which enabled a holistic approach to care of people with serious long term conditions and was proven to make a big difference to their lives.

After leaving the security of my employed job I began working as a self-employed Advanced Nurse Practitioner.  This is a job I love as it enables me to practice my clinical skills and give a high quality service to patients within General Practice.

Having worked as a self employed Advanced Nurse Practitioner for over a year, ‘that’ question started to surface in my mind again: ‘what else?’. I was far from bored in my job, but the itch had returned, I felt I needed to give myself a new challenge.

By chance I had a conversation with a colleague who had recently set up an aesthetics business, it was from here that the little seed started to grow. I thought to myself that this would be an ideal career opportunity, I love working within the area of medicine and I have always had an interest in beauty and ideas about how people can make the best of themselves.

I thought this role would also give me the opportunity to completely run my business as I wanted to do. Excellence and quality are the only options for me and, by setting up The Goldsmith Clinic, I knew that these things would not be compromised.”


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